Where do I Start?
For Starters most of your Starter E-Cig Devices are made in China. The company’s we have had the most luck with are Joyetech, Innokin, and Smoktech for devices and Kangertech for tanks. There are several company’s out there trying to reproduce these devices. They generally end up being very poor quality. You will usually find the knock-offs at Smoke shops. Another helpful hint Smoke shops are not Vape shops. Vape shops specialize in one thing, and that’s E-Cigarettes. You will not find Drug paraphernalia in a reputable Vape Shop.
You can do your own research online or, we welcome you to come in and talk to one of our knowledgable staff. There is never a dumb question. We want you to have a complete understanding of what Vaping is and how E-cigarettes work. There are many different options with new and better products being released daily. E-Cigarettes have come along way in a very short time. You may have tried a E-Cigarette from a gas station at some point in time with no success in quitting smoking. Dont let this discourage you. The latest products on the market give you many different options to find what you need and works for you. This is not a one size fits all type of product. 
A starting point for many people would be an EMOW Kit, made by Kanger, a reputable Chinese company. For people looking for a longer battery life the EMOW-Mega. These are all Variable voltage devices. Therefore, controlling how strong of a hit you get. There are also several other quality variable voltage devices on the market. If you’d prefer a larger device, iStick or XPro, 30 and 50 watt devices are a good choice. These are also great devices. These are both variable voltage as well as wattage devices.
Next you would need to choose a tank. The most common tanks are either a coil tank such as the Aerotank or Nautilus Mini, or for a smaller more discreet setup, the Protank 3 Mini. These are very simple. You fill it from the bottom and once every week to every couple of weeks, change the coil. We are always here to help you explore all of you options. These are just a few of the products a lot of people chose. There are several other options.
The final step to get you vaping, is to choose a flavor. Just about anything you can think of someone has made a Flavor for it. Tobacco Flavors, Fruity Flavors, Bakery Flavors, ect. We have all of our Flavors available for taste testing to ensure you pick something that you love. We will also help you chose a Nicotine level depending on how much you are currently smoking. The options being; 0mg (Generally non smokers that enjoy Hookah), 6mg (Light smoker maybe a half pack a day or less), 12mg (Generally a pack a day smoker), 18mg (2 pack a day smoker), 24mg (not recommended unless you smoke 3 packs a day!). We want to get you on the right nicotine level. If its to low you will not be satisfied and you may continue to smoke Cigarettes. If its to high you will get headaches from too much nicotine.
The world of vaping can be confusing and overwhelming for new people not sure where to start. Keep in mind we have all been there. Look at a few products and watch some review videos. Think about what you want your device to look and feel like. Think about battery life and size. There is no wrong way to vape, if you vape here and there, but still feel the need for a cigarette, DON’T FEEL BAD ABOUT THAT. Quitting smoking is literally one of the hardest things you will ever do. Vaping is a very rewarding experience, and makes the transition away from tobacco that much easier.